Primum Brand Identityu

Primum is the first clinical and scientific platform connecting oncologists to cancer specialists and experts to gain access to new treatments and research so they can make better more informed decisions for their patients. We helped develop the name, which comes from the hippocratic oath of "Primum non nocere" or "Do no harm," as well as the visual identity, campaign launch and website. This project was completed with Redesign Health, a VC developing brands and ideas in the health space.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Designer, Type Designer, Typographer, Producer, Motion Designer, Editor (Brand/Content), Creative Technologist, Copywriter, UI Designer
Company Policy
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Research, Creative Strategy, Design, Design Strategy, Interactive
Brand Identity, Branded Content, Branding, Brand Guidelines, Campaigns, Interaction Designs, Microsites, Products - Digital, Typography, Websites
Project Industries
Startups, Health/Pharma, Technology
Primum Brand Identityu
Primum Brand Identityu
Primum Brand Identityu
Primum Brand Identityu