T-Mobile Logo Design

Summer 2021 -- June 10, 2021 These are a series of logo designs I crafted for my best friend/roommate's work training class. I was sent the logo, a cap and told basic instructions for what they wanted as the visual. I also created a cover for their Webex page. Instructions: 1. Can you design an image with the T-Mobile logo, put a graduation cap on the corner of the logo (doesn't matter which side of the "T") and "M.O.E." along the side (doesn't matter which side). 2. Make sure it's magenta and white-themed (T-Mobile colors). 3. Landscape (cover-style) view, as it will be for the Webex page. From these instructions, I produced the following logos for future use if needed as well as the final product for the cover. The pink and white background edit was chosen to be used.

Project Roles
Artist, Designer
2D Graphics, Adobe Photoshop
Project Industries
T-Mobile Logo Design