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Hyacinthus and the Daughter of Babylon

A personal illustration project, combining acrylic paint, graphite, ink, cut paper, and then finally Risograph. This image summons two mythological figures. First, the Daughter of Babylon is the Enochian tarot card of ecstasy and femininity. The Bible describes Babylon as the mother of whores and a witch. Inevitably a fertility goddess. With her, “I lift my skirts, I bare my legs, I flood the land,” which is my rewritten Isaiah 47. The second is Hyacinthus, the human lover of Apollo. Hyacinthus is another sexual martyr, another lover, another endangered trans. He’s described as tender/submissive/trampled. Apollo, in play, threw a disc so hard at Hyacinthus that it struck him dead. From his blood grew the hyacinth flower. Trans blood as shapeshifter. I want to give Hyacinthus a chance to grieve, process, and heal his divine masculinity, as I heal and process mine. The Daughter and Hyacinthus can never be destroyed by the gods who dared to touch them. 2021

Project Roles
2D, Collage, Mixed Media, Adobe Photoshop
Hyacinthus and the Daughter of Babylon