Talk To You - Short Film

Talk To You is an experimental documentary short based on a series of voicemails I discovered from my late grandfather, Gerald Grant, years after his death. Papa Gerry – as he coined himself – was both an omnipresent figure in my young life through his consistent calls and voicemails, and an absentee grandfather who lived alone in Orlando and rarely saw his family in person. Exploring the tension of childhood nostalgia and adult regret, the film guides viewers through a recreation of my grandfather’s Orlando home through a cautious and unfamiliar lens. Filmed in March pre-COVID and shot in one practical four-minute take, Talk To You invites the audience to consider their own family relationships and how the feelings behind those relationships change with time, age and death.

Project Roles
Director, Editor (Film/TV), Writer
Editing, Filmmaking, Live Action, Post-Production
Short Films