This spot was originally a standalone piece for the popular video editing app, Videoshop. I was working on some taglines and banners for the app at the same time and really wanted to tie the campaigns together and unify the branding, and the CEO really wanted to address a particular pain point to make the app stand out from competitors—he wanted consumers to know how easy the app was to use—so I really wanted to make global emphasis of the tagline, "make it look so easy." The awesome director/editor, Cheyenne Picardo, thought it would be cool if we had a bunch of talented disco skaters on the shoot, so I wrote up a retro cable access show concept juxtaposing difficult, complicated skate moves being filmed and edited on the easy-to-use Videoshop app. It was a bit of a challenge because the shoot and edit happened across the country and I couldn't be there (this was prior to Covid times, before we all had remote working nailed down to a science), but it was a fun concept with wonderful people working on it!

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