Wendy's - Burger Ranges

Pretzel Pub Range The key ingredient in Wendy’s new Pretzel Pub Burger was beer cheese sauce. With an alcohol content of 0%, the range had all the flavours and aromas of the pub, but without any of the alcohol-based consequences. So to launch the new range to New Zealand, we targeted and rewarded the people who needed a 0% taste of the pub more than anyone else - sober drivers on a night out. Jalapeño Crunch Range Jalapeños aren’t the spiciest of all the chillies in the world, and when paired with onion rings, lettuce and tomato, the burn you get from it is actually pretty nice. So to launch the new Jalapeño Crunch range from Wendy’s, we took two people who will usually do anything to burn each other - battle rappers - and turned their words into caring, considerate, and rather nice compliments.

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Wendy's - Burger Ranges
Wendy's - Burger Ranges