The #EMpower campaign launched on September 24, 2020 and ran through October 8, 2020 on ExxonMobil Beaumont’s Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It focused on employees at the Beaumont complex and highlighted their personal stories. I was blessed with creative freedom on this project and it remains something that I am proud to have executed. The purpose of #EMpower was to shed light on the diverse workforce at the Beaumont facility and tap into the human aspect of an industrial setting. Oftentimes with industrial companies, you see operations, equipment, and technology instead of getting to know the actual people who work there. Overall, the campaign generated a total of 36,528 engagements and 172,453 impressions, resulting in a 21.18% engagement rate that went well above the set benchmark for 2020 of 16.02% engagement rate. If interested in viewing content, please visit either ExxonMobil Beaumont’s social media listed above or request to view content via email at contact@kennedysmithpr.com.

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