Hertz Wellness

As the world began to slow down, stress levels were at an all time high, and people found themselves unsure how to emotionally manage and cope. Hertz founder Francesca decided it was perfect time to expand her business from a yoga and meditation service to a product line bringing soothing oils, candles and crystals to the homes of so many people stuck in quarantine. As she started to rethink her brand, expanding into a consumer goods world, she realized the importance of branding and came to us hoping to revamp Hertz into something that would better connect with her audience on both a service and product level. What I did : Messaging, Branding, Print, Experiential, Signage, Email Campaigns, In-Store Branded Assets, Social, Photography, Menu Design, Website, Marketing campaign, Collateral.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Designer
Adobe InDesign, Brand Strategy, Design
Brand Identity
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Hertz Wellness