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Package design for CBD oils

ICARIA stands for the Greek island which is one of the 5 Blue Zones, places in the world where people live the longest and are the happiest. And this is where our journey with CBD oils leads. Life is way too fast for the millennials. You run to work, run from work, then you run to bed. While sleeping, you keep dreaming about the tight deadlines and tasks. ICARIA wants you to stop and absorb the Blue Zones energy. As you don`t need to live there to feel it. ICARIA designs are minimalistic and simple, but unique in their own way. The main components there are thin lines which can give completely different associations. For someone it might be waves, another person will see the way to places. But there is a special feeling to it - the feeling of understanding and relaxation. And this is what counts.

Project Roles
Brand Strategy, Design, Packaging Design
Branding, Logos
Package design for CBD oils