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Broom Show

padauk hand broom sculpture african padauk wood, jute, broom corn. "Our relationship to seemingly mundane, everyday items is often overlooked. This past year has called into question many oft-neglected ideas and objects that deserve a closer look. Our collective experience brings about more attention to slowness, hygiene, idleness, nature, craft, and being attuned to the world around us. Being forced home pushes us to reconsider the spaces around us and the objects within them. A reconsideration of the objects that share our spaces allows for a deeper appreciation of the materials, production processes, and utility of our built world. The Broom Show prompts us to look at the relationships to the objects we fill our lives with and in turn brings more consideration of their production and in their use."

Project Roles
Cooler Gallery
Carpentry, Design, Woodworking
Broom Show
Broom Show