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RBC: Costal AI Installation

RBC was looking for two hallway installations to compliment their new Toronto Borealis AI office. Using Intel RealSense we designed and fabricated motion-responsive light sculptures that paired with a pre-existing theme of Coastal Canada. As the office specializes in neural network research - it was imperative for us to also visualize this research focus within the sculptures. Leveraging an interactive lighting system, we designed each wing to look like neural networks complete with intersecting pathways and nodes. Since we were working within tight physical and budgetary constraints, a one-sided infinity mirror allowed us to convey the depth and scope of neural networks. This also drew visitors within the data landscapes, as if the office research were embedded into the walls. We included an additional layer of responsiveness. As a guest or employee traversed the hallway, a swell of light would follow their motion. While the budget did not allow us to incorporate AI into the build, the responsive design created the illusion of a system which is learning, tracking and responding to its environment.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, UX/IA Designer
2D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Conceptual, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Design, Experience Design, Experiential, Storyboarding, Technology
Architectural Visualization, Architecture, Art, Environmental Design, Installations, Interaction Designs, Interactive Installations, Sculptures, User Journeys, Visual Designs
Project Industries
Finance, Media, Real Estate, Technology
RBC: Costal AI Installation
RBC: Costal AI Installation
RBC: Costal AI Installation