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Twitch Trivia

As a streaming platform, Twitch depends on the views. To improve the average of viewers at the beginning of its streams, they decided to create an interactive Pre-Game show to strengthen brand presence and engage with the community. We designed a variety of interactive concepts such as Trivias, Q&As, Fun Facts, Gameplay Highlights, alongside the Twitch Chat for the viewers to play along and socialize with each other. We managed to increase the average of viewers at the beginning of each stream and add value and relevancy to the streaming culture, expanding brand presence in other mediums such as Instagram and TikTok.

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Creative Director
2D Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
2D Animations, Augmented Reality
Project Industries
Twitch Trivia
Twitch Trivia
Twitch Trivia
Twitch Trivia