Microsoft Holiday Find Your Joy

2020 (mostly) sucked. So for the holidays, Microsoft wanted to gift the world something everybody could enjoy... Dogs. We created a film starring one stir crazy dog who, inspired by his family, finds joy and togetherness in all of Microsoft’s worlds. And you know what people enjoy even more than dogs? Free shit. We gifted the world the Microsoft worlds from our spot. With Find Your Joy, we brought all of Microsoft’s products together for the first time. But more importantly, in a most difficult year, we made finding joy a little easier.

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Copywriter, Creative Director, Strategist
Conceptual, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Digital, Experiential, Game Design
Commercials - Broadcast, Games - Mobile, Products - Digital, Social Media Content, Social Media Copy
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Advertising, Gaming, Technology
Microsoft Holiday Find Your Joy
Microsoft Holiday Find Your Joy