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Secret Stuff

I'm under confidentiality agreements for most of the work I've done recently, and it's boring to look at anyway. Imagine pages of Calibri 10-pt text (or Times Roman 12-pt if you're old-school) and you've got it. That's why I love graphic designers. They make my content look pretty. Except that much of my work also is ongoing, which means I don't have finished work to show, or it's pre-launch, which means I can't show it 'til the client does. I'm saving up for a brain scan...y'know, one of those color-mapped scans like they're always looking at on "The Good Doctor"...because about 50% of the time my deliverables are ideas that break roadblocks in the client's strategic branding and marketing process. I move the stones outta the way and then I lay down the red carpet so the client is the star, not me.

Project Roles
Editor (Brand/Content), Editor (Copy), Strategist, Writer
San Miguel Editorial Services
Brand Strategy, Content Writing, Editing, Marketing Strategy
Books, Branded Content, Campaigns
Project Industries
Education, Finance, Health/Pharma, Retail
Secret Stuff