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The most watched ad on Youtube Brasil 2016

Bradesco Bank, the official sponsor of the Olympic Games in 2016, needed to find Brazilians to carry, not only the Olympic Torch, but also the responsibility of inspiring a nation knees-deep into one of its toughest crisis. In 2016, Brazil was facing one of its toughest political and economic crisis. In this scenario, the fact that the Olympic Games was going to be held in Brazil was viewed with much disbelief. Brazilians were very pessimistic about the games. Bradesco, one of the major Olympic Games sponsors, thought they needed to help rescue the Olympic spirit that was drowning. Bradesco did that by finding inspiring stories from Brazilians to select them to carry the Olympic torch. The activation of the torch through Gabriel`s story sparked a connection between the bank and Brazilians in a way that has never happened before. Gabriel’s story returned the optimism and hope to the country, making Gabriel an instant hero, and making it the most watched video in the history of YouTube in Brazil.

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The most watched ad on Youtube Brasil 2016