Inside Out Music Video

Production Roll: Because we filmed mid-pandemic, we kept the crew small and all wore a lot of hats. I art directed the video and set the look for everything, including makeup, wardrobe, building the set, MacGyvering a mechanism to create blood flow from another room, overseeing the color correct, editing the teaser, designing and animating the titles, and craft services (a hat that was very quickly given to someone else who doesn’t eat Goldfish for meals). The full film will launch soon. We’re excited to share this piece about the precariousness of everything in a time that’s been anything but stable.

Project Roles
Art Director
Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Art Direction, Conceptual, Editing, Interior Design, Low Budget, Motion, Post-Production, Retouching, Styling
Music Videos
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Inside Out Music Video