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Magic In Our Hands

Task: Create a graphic that defines the Black community as an equity growing community and would be used as one of the designs for the campaign We Represent Us. We Represent Us is an artist collective collaborative with Seed2Shirt and its mission to invest and create opportunities for under-served communities, farmers, professionals, and creatives. Strategy: By defining what We Represent Us means to me, I was able to envision the concept. To me, We Represent Us means a reclaiming of our (Black community) space within the world as a powerful, valuable, healthy, and magical community. Like an elder to youth with wisdom, we have the ability to contribute and nurture these things into our community. Like a newborn star to an ancient sky, we have the ability to shine magic onto our community.

Project Roles
Artist, Designer
2D, 2D Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Creative Direction
Project Industries
Magic In Our Hands
Magic In Our Hands