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Intimacy of Friendship

As we confront a touch-starved world due to a global pandemic & the loneliness epidemic, the value of intimacy within platonic relationships was explored through my friends’ & my own shared vulnerabilities. The project unfolded into a film/motion piece inclusive of my friends’ voices directly facilitating the narrative. There had to be a rawness & realness in describing intimacy by inviting the audience into our deeply personal connections to each other, which were further explored through various physical tests inspired by phycologists Arthur & Elaine Aron’s 36 questions exercises.Creating Intimacy of Friendship was a nonlinear process involving a lot of exploration, discomfort, & in a meta-sense, even more shared intimacy in the resulting breach of boundaries between ourselves & an audience.

Project Roles
Animator, Designer, Editor (Film/TV)
After Effects, Copywriting, Creative Research, Design, Editing, Filmmaking, Motion, Research, User Behavior Research, Videography
Experimental Films, Film Editing, Motion Graphics
Intimacy of Friendship