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Facebook - Ella

If you look around, a lot of brands and people out there will tell you that you can do anything you want in life if you work hard, that it's all about unleashing the power within yourself, that all you need to succeed is you and only you. (Yes, I'm looking at you Tony Robbins). But is that really true? Facebook actually believes that there's only so much you can do by yourself, and that there's nothing wrong with that. To achieve greatness, to fix your problems, to learn, to grow, to go further in life, you need people around you. We all do. Sometimes one is just not enough. And that's when the Facebook apps come into play, by helping you connect with the people you need in your life. The ones you know already, and the ones you haven't met yet. To kick off the F8 conference, we created “Ella”, a triptych of a beautiful film displayed on the 3 main stage screens. “Ella” is an authentic story about the quotidian, invaluable ways the 5 Facebook Inc brands permeate our protagonist's life and help her build a community, keep in touch with friends and family, and find people she wants to grow with. The film optimistically ends by posing to the audience the following : "Don't ask yourself how you're going to do it. Ask yourself, who you're going to do it with".

Project Roles
Creative Director, Writer
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Commercials - Broadcast, Video Installations
Facebook - Ella