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Poster Designs

I. The 27th letter It’s critical to refocus back onto the letterform at its core. In the alphabet of the English language, we have 26 letters. My objective was to create a 27th letter that could fit in seamlessly with the rest. By taking apart other letters or creating like forms, I constructed this character and inserted it into the rest of the alphabet to create two Type Specimen Posters. I chose to continue working with the combination and manipulation of the letters “j” and “k” because I was intrigued by the asymmetry and the combination of descender and ascender. Original font: Rockwell (slab serif typeface designed by the Monotype Corporation) II. Metamorphosis Typography serves a dual purpose. First, it must appeal to the intellect, its practical function. Second, it must appeal to the emotions, its poetic function. The designer’s challenge is to reconcile the inherent tension between these competing roles. This project attempts to navigate this typographic duality by exploring its limitations of necessity and opportunities for visual interpretation. I created a poster advertising a lecture series about Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” as well as a separate book cover concept. Key words that guided my decision-making process included: distortion, mutation, repetition, isolation, mundane, disorientation. Objective: > To compose type into useful, pleasurable arrangements despite the imposition of restrictive compositional rules

Project Roles
Creative Director, Designer
2D Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Design, Design Strategy, Type Design
Poster Designs
Poster Designs