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Hero imagery for D'Addario.com

Directing the hero imagery for D'Addario's website was easily one of the most interesting design challenges I have ever worked on. D'Addario is the global industry leader in musical instrument accessories, and the ask was to create an image for each of their main product category from drumsticks to guitar strings. So how to show the accessories, typically very small in size, in their musical instrument context without making the context itself the most prominent element of the picture? Our solution was to create abstract set design for each musical instrument category. The sets are designed with recognizable shapes, materials, and details from musical instruments to show some context, while remaining abstract enough to give the spotlight to the accessories. The concept was brought beautifully to life by a very talented 3D artist Sally Reynolds.

Project Roles
Art Director
Art Direction, Conceptual, Creative Research, Sketching
3D Illustrations
Project Industries
Hero imagery for D'Addario.com
Hero imagery for D'Addario.com
Hero imagery for D'Addario.com