Patron Tequila ASMR series

[Creative sound director & Sound curator for Patron Tequila ASMR series.] For this project, I handled all aspects of the sound post-production pipeline. My intention was to create a sonically hyperreal representation that would interact directly with the listener's sensory response; transforming how we traditionally experience media for a product. Creatively, I curated the individual sound elements to be recorded and how they would be captured, while in parallel overseeing sound quality and their sonic coherence as a whole. Technically, I executed the roles of foley artist, recording engineer, sound editor, sound designer, re-recording mixer and sound supervisor. All sounds are original, no stock library sounds were used. The genesis of these sounds was both from recorded elements and from sound synthesis. The entirety of the sound work was recorded and produced at my home studio in Brooklyn, NY. Imagery is credited to Ticking Clock Productions & Human Being Media, shot in Brooklyn, NY.

Project Roles
Artist, Creative Director, Post Producer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer
Creative Direction, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing
Advertising, Augmented Reality, Campaigns, Social Media Content, Sound Designs, Sound Mixing
Project Industries
Advertising, Augmented Reality, Beverage, Media, Retail, Wine/Spirits
Patron Tequila ASMR series