Westholme - 'Resetting the Table'

Westholme is proud and excited to launch our new series of videos, stories, recipes and photography. Resetting the Table features groundbreaking chefs in great food cities. In an exceptionally challenging year, with life upended and restaurants restricted, our chefs are cooking at home for their inner circles, remaking tradition for tumultuous times. Our new series is about cuisine but it’s just as much about culture and soul. How can food centre us? How are people honouring heritage and remaking tradition? How are they Resetting the Table? Series 1 focuses on the US and stars Kris Yenbamroong, Suzanne Goin, Nina Compton, Edouardo Jordon, Tim Hollingsworth, Mei Lin and Kristen Kish.

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Westholme - 'Resetting the Table'