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There's a Horse in the Hospital

“There’s a Horse in the Hospital” the latest and greatest rap concept album from the bonafide rap weirdo, Darko the Super. Inspired by Dr. Octagon, Darko crafted an anti establishment, anti mind wash religion, necessary for the times. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by the Jackie Moon of U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art. After defeating the devil, it’s time to finish off these pork eating demon people. Don’t believe me? Then listen to this: “You are the craziest person. How you got a song called Greasy September? I want to brag to people that I know someone who has a song called Greasy September”. - Homeboy Sandman “Man, this jawn is a masterpiece. I've been rocking it all night. I feel like this album is a big step forward into the future of Darko, both on the beats and the rhymes.” - Height Keech “Once I went to see a poet at a bookstore. Her name was Jacqueline Waters. In a poem she said “horse will you be my mother? No, I can’t be your mother, I’m a horse”. When Evan sent me this album, that was the first thing I thought. Because horse was in the title. Horse is also a basketball variant, and a slang term for heroin in the 80’s. I was born in the 80’s. Why would a horse be in a non horse hospital? Darko doesn’t answer completely but the beats are psychedelic, echo hard and the raps are tight, sometimes distorted and on point. - Scott Thorough “I listened to horse in the hospital today. I think you’ve outdone yourself in every way. It’s incredibly imaginative, packed with unique moments of sound boundary pushing and memorable lines.” - ialive

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There's a Horse in the Hospital