Under the La Crescent Moon

David McMillan reached out and asked me to create something "...with crescent shaped references" for the new La Crescent in Amphora wine his project L'imparfait Négociant was making. (La Crescent is a white grape varietal, a hybrid developed to withstand cold climates.) Going back and forth a few times, narrowing down a list of ideas, Dave and I settled on what I can only described as a silly and playful idea. Given carte-blanche allowed me to take the direction and style of this label to new heights, embracing the lively, fun-natured, and unpredictability of natural wine.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator
L'imparfait Négociant
Adobe Photoshop
Illustrations, Packaging, Visual Designs
Project Industries
Under the La Crescent Moon
Under the La Crescent Moon