Fang - Budweiser

Budweiser is known as a leader in China’s EDM scene, having created Budweiser Storm, Asia’s biggest EDM festival, and original music video collaborations. This authentic relationship with music helped beer sales increase year over year, but despite Budweiser’s dominance, young consumers were starting to choose wine and liquor over beer. We tapped into the insight that EDM gives you the freedom to release the stress and pressure from everyday life. We broke the mold of the tired EDM music video, by creating a meaningful story-driven sci-fi film that goes deeper than typical music content. In addition, we built a brand-new product to drive sales - an LED wristband that reacts to music when activated by a Budweiser bottle. This Hollywood-caliber film, “Fang,” stars Chinese pop superstar Eason Chan. In the film, Eason and Budweiser are the catalysts that help people break free from a mundane world. The LED wristband guides our characters to liberation, also demonstrating how they function in real life. Eason wrote a brand-new track and collaborated with world-famous Brazilian DJ Alok to create the EDM remix and score for the film. We launched the film with a full-scale PR event with Eason Chan, including a live-streamed Q&A panel. In the end, young consumers had new content from Budweiser that they chose to seek out, rather than avoid, helping solidify Bud’s role in Chinese pop culture.

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Fang - Budweiser
Fang - Budweiser