Samsung #Itsnotaboutlikes

How do you talk to Gen Z without sounding like a boomer? You act like you don’t care about likes. In order to win this pitch for Samsung in Brazil, we had to come up with a bold new concept for social media: #ItsNotAboutLikes. From 2019 on, every piece of content we created for Samsung should be about attitude, about doing what you like, regardless of the likes you’re going to get. Our work would reflect one of Gen Z’s main mottos: authenticity. In this pitch, once we had our concept, my role was to set it up across every social media channel with activations, original content and always on daily posts, as well as build the keynote presentation. After winning the pitch, my partner and I became the dedicated team for Samsung’s social account throughout 2019, coming up with trimestral projects around this concept. To cap it all off, in July 2019, Instagram proved we were in the right direction when they decided to ditch the like count from their posts.

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Copywriting, Social, Social Media Strategy
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Samsung #Itsnotaboutlikes
Samsung #Itsnotaboutlikes
Samsung #Itsnotaboutlikes