Delta Air Lines "Medallion Year In Review"

Challenge: At the end of every year, Delta Air Lines sends out an email to all SkyMiles members that celebrates their year in flight and what they can look forward to the next. Delta tasked us to create a more personalized touchpoint that would engage its most loyal customers. Insight: SkyMiles and Medallion Members live and die by their travel achievements - becoming a Medallion is hard work and those who reach it take deep pride in each milestone they hit. But, each traveler has a different travel journey. To value our most devoted flyers, we must celebrate the unique accomplishments they’ve earned on their path. Solution: “The Path You Make” - 750,000+ personalized videos, emails, and landing pages for each SkyMiles Member populated with more than 10+ million data points.

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Delta Air Lines "Medallion Year In Review"