Disney TV Show- Concept and Keyart

Challenge A young and famous Disney star, Sky Katz, who is an actor and a rapper, now wants to come up with her own TV show called ‘Sky Full of Stars’. She will invite famous rappers from the industry and have interesting conversations about life and work. I worked on the brand identity of the show keeping it fun and fancy, so it looks cohesive yet unique alike the TV shows on Disney as the Target Audience is teenagers and kids who are aspiring rappers. Solution Bold and modern the concepts in each can bring to life the unique spirit and expressive attitude of Sky Katz fans globally. The key art and Insta stories uses easily translated phrases and playful graphics that can be understood by youngsters around the world.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer
Disney Channel
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Illustrations, Key Art
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Disney TV Show- Concept and Keyart