Contentstack : Replatform and future roadmap strategy

Contentstack is a headless content management system that is specifically geared towards enterprise clients. Following their series A capital raise, the company understood that it needed to not just address the known needs of existing users, but in order to maintain market competitiveness and continue on their growth trajectory they needed better insights to be able to prioritize the roadmap in the most efficient manner. Like all headless CMS platforms, Contentstack was heavily engineering oriented, from founder and c-suite, down to the majority of the staff, which made it difficult to gain unbiased product recommendations from the inside out. Rose Digital was hired to complete this work and I served as the executive sponsor and primary internal stakeholder. I was the executive product strategist responsible for the development of the appropriate research plans, incorporating both market and financial research and user research, leveraging qualitative and quantitative methodologies in both research phases. I led a team of five user research specialists, two market research strategists and UX designers in conducting research over a 12 week period. The independently collected research was then synthesized with the insights and data provided to our team by the company. All insights and final recommendations were personally completed by myself with team support. Following the final recommendations, which were all accepted by the client and which included major deviations from their planned strategy, I oversaw the design teams translations of the insights and recommendations into the updated brand guidelines and user interface. Artifacts that were produced as a part of this project: 1. Project and research implementation plan 2. User Research and Focus Groups 3. Market research analysis and Synthesis 4. Product Story and Recommendations (including personas, user journeys, and heuristics) 5. Design Concepts 6. Wireframes 7. Hi-Fi Wireframes 8. Functional Specifications

Project Roles
Creative Technologist, Product Designer, Strategist
Content Management, Experience Design, Information Architecture, Mixed-method Research, Product Development, Roadmapping, User Behavior Research, User Interviews, User Research
Customer Journey Map, E-commerce Platforms, Web Apps, Websites
Project Industries
B2B, Software, Technology
Contentstack : Replatform and future roadmap strategy
Contentstack : Replatform and future roadmap strategy
Contentstack : Replatform and future roadmap strategy