Somewhere Good: SHIFT Fellowship

Created and currently executing an entire $50,000 fellowship program for Somewhere Good from the ground up. SHIFT (Shaping Holistic Innovative Frameworks of Thought) is a one-year fellowship program designed to create an ongoing feedback loop of innovation and exploration between the Somewhere Good product, team and communities. Five fellows will be invited to participate in a year-long process in which we engage through critical inquiry and dialogue, research, feedback and published works of thought. Throughout the year, fellows will be asked to critically think, converse and write about digital ethical dilemmas and communicate with our product, design, marketing and engineering teams to co-generate the frameworks for building better, safer, more thoughtful digital social platforms.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Director, Strategist
Somewhere Good
Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Creative Strategy
Products - Digital
Project Industries
Media, Startups
Somewhere Good: SHIFT Fellowship