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Editorial Design: Sellouts

As an editorial designer, I work collaboratively with editors, photographers, and illustrators to bring words to life. The story associated with this layout is all about the weird world of celebrity endorsement. I created a design motif built around Andy Warhol's infamous Brillo Box, a piece of art that perfectly captured the strange, high-low tension between art and advertising, fame and the ordinary. The folios, supermarket price stickers, are a kitschy riff on the concept. This article was a wild ride, with a complicated constellation-based infographic outlining associations between celebrities and products, and beautiful illustrations by Kelsey Dake throughout. Another fun challenge!

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Type Designer
Conde Nast
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Editing
Editorial Designs, Infographics, Magazines, Typography
Project Industries
Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Luxury, Media
Editorial Design: Sellouts
Editorial Design: Sellouts
Editorial Design: Sellouts
Editorial Design: Sellouts