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Under Armour Three-Second Ads

Stephen Curry is revered for his three-point shot, and last NBA season (2015-2016) it broke records. Again. During the playoffs, to promote the release of his new signature shoe, the Curry 2.5, the creative teams landed on an idea to take advantage of his unbelievable shooting by releasing a unique three-second ad every time he made a three-pointer in real-time via Twitter. To make each spot truly unique, we made a unique endcard for each spot as well. To create consistency across all the cards, a 3x3 grid was created, and colors limited to the primary colors of the first two shoes being released. This created a flexible and bold look for the campaign and a systematic approach to building layouts. Between design explorations, client feedback and the anticipation of Steph being Steph, approximately 500 endcards were made.

Project Roles
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, After Effects, Design
Advertising, Motion Graphics, Social Media Content, Visual Designs
Project Industries
Under Armour Three-Second Ads