Dropbox Find Your Flow at TEDx Bigger Than Us

As the producer on this project I was handling everything from budgeting to hiring and overseeing fabrication to US -> CAN logistics to hiring and training all staff to advancing the venue to making sure my whole team got all of the perks of being at a TEDx conference. They give a way a lot of cool stuff there. Since this project was connecting Dropbox to TEDx, one of the most cutting edge conferences out there, we had a large tech element to our build that added another layer of complication to your standard fabrication in making sure all build elements are aligned. The end result was an interactive Mad Libs, modernized with a RFID-enabled infinity portal. The installation attracted TED attendees who selected from 16 evocative words to complete sentences that described their ideal state of flow. Once assembled, the sentences inspired a one-of-a-kind light, image and sound experience inside the Flow Infinity Portal.

Project Roles
Event Producer
Fake Love
Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Creative Strategy, Design Strategy, Event Management, Experiential, Fabrication, Interactive, Labor Management, Maintaining Schedules, Tech Strategy
3D Animations, Branding, Budgets, Events, Interactive Installations, User Journeys
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Dropbox Find Your Flow at TEDx Bigger Than Us