Jugendreisen Typeface

Art Nouveau was a vibrant art and design movement that up until today inspires artists, designers, filmmakers, architects, and so on. Even though beautiful, its voluptuous shapes and intricate patterns may limit its application in contemporary design, creating designs that may be too specific or even overwhelming at times. Hence, the idea behind Jugendreisen was to create a typeface inspired by the period but keep it subtle, understated. Jugendreisen is an Oldstyle/Garalde typeface with design choices inspired by the Art Nouveau era. It carries the warmth and classic aspect typical of Oldstyle typefaces with gestures and movements that would remind you of the work of designers such as Otto Weisert and Heinrich Keune, who designed typefaces in the Jugendstil era. Special care was put so that these movements wouldn’t overwhelm the typeface, but instead, add fluidity, originality and create a graceful elegance, assuring that Jugendreisen would be versatile and able to work in different environments without screaming Art Nouveau all the time. The typeface comes with three optical sizes (large, medium, small), three stylistic sets, a wide variety of alternates, peculiar ligatures and supports 233 languages.

Project Roles
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Type Design
Jugendreisen Typeface