Lavish Warfare

"Lavish Warfare" is a title sequence for a fictional TV show where two extremely rich and powerful kings and their armies fought for the throne of Grand Emperor. All contents are created on my own except for sound and typefaces. This is the final project for my Motion Graphics class with Jason Arena. My primary focus on this project is learning object movements, camera perspectives and 360VR execution. The project had a duration of about 4 weeks. With lots of the time spending on rendering 7168x3584 resolution frames, I did research on equirectangular and cubemap formats for 360VR export to platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. Some difficulties I have encountered are: depth of field not working on Physical Render when camera’s Spherical property is checked; missing frames on some batch renders; and some frames with extremely close-up materials having render time 240000% more than usual. It’s the first 360VR video I've ever created! Credits: Soundtrack from Youtube Audio Library: Cataclysmic_Molten_Core Typefaces: Autobahn, Aldo the Apache Tech Specs: Modeled, textured & animated in Cinema 4D Particles, text & compositing in After Effects Color grading & sound-tracking in Premiere Pro Rendered at cias-teamserver.main.ad.rit.edu:8080 Rendered in 8k 7168x3584 30fps Metadata injected/ Exported as VR video Length: 32 seconds, 960 frames Render time was around ~5 days + 3 for some bugged frames Frames rendered as PNG Sequences Project file size: 63.6GB

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Lighting Designer, Type Designer, VFX Artist
360° Video, 3D Generalist, Cinema 4D
360° Video
Project Industries
Entertainment, Gaming