Trochilidae [hummingbird]

A video installation for the gallery, the home, classroom or office, which tells the cautionary tale of hummingbird classification and AI. Hummingbirds have puzzled scientists for centuries by defying classification. Their complex history serves as an allegory for the wider challenges we face today in artificial intelligence and classification. Lessons from this cautionary tale become increasingly urgent as AI technologies are introduced into vital services like policing and healthcare. The project explores these themes through scripted dialogue, orchestral composition, spatial audio, and multi-screen animation, presented on a custom built app and an accompanying gallery installation.

Project Roles
Animator, Creative Director, Creative Technologist, Designer, Director, Industrial Designer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, UI Designer
Personal Project
Creative Direction, Directing, Low / High Fidelity Prototyping
Interactive Installations, Mobile Apps, Web Apps
Trochilidae [hummingbird]
Trochilidae [hummingbird]
Trochilidae [hummingbird]