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I am intersex

Talking about gender topics has never been easy. It is an intricate issue per se as it implies several biological and cultural aspects and it is often surrounded by ideological preconceptions. Talking about intersex is even more challenging as on top of the mentioned difficulties, the word itself - let alone its challenging dynamics - is virtually unknown by the vast majority of the public. The heartfelt voice you here in the video is form Pidgeon Pagonis, artist and leading intersex activist from the States. You can find more on Wikipedia and on Pidgeonismy.name. Client/Agency: Ilga Europe My Role: Art Direction, Animation Written by: Eugenio Orsi Illustration: Giuliano Buttafuoco Traditional Animation: Stefano Meazza, Simone Di Rocco Clean Up: Giuliano Buttafuoco, Stefano Meazza, Simone Di Rocco Sound Design: Daruma Audio

Project Roles
Animator, Art Director, Director
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
2D Animations