Three, The Hard Way

"Aaaaand we're back at the Hell Hole Store!!! Hold onto your hats, because Philly's own Darko The Super and iAlive are returning with their third installment as the Hell Hole Store. 'Three the Hard Way' is their first release since 2017's 'Return to the Hell Hole Store,' and somehow it packs even more of a punch than its predecessor. Popping off with a little introductory voicemail, the boys then launch into "Already Dead," a hard wink to all their friends over at Already Dead Tapes. Then full on into the Hell Hole Store. Each track is exactly what we would want from the duo: cartoonish bravado, pop culture nods, and comedic wordplay with catchy hooks and memorable samples. From their earliest releases together it's been evident that these two were born to rhyme together, so it's no surprise that the blend of the two MC's unique styles of hip-hop mesh perfectly on this album. They brought some friends with them too! Their buddy Height Keech takes his talents to the Hell Hole Store on "Drop Cold Rhymes," Open Mike Eagle joins in on "I'll Take What I Can Get," and Day Tripper of the Difference Machine absolutely rips through his bars on my personal favorite song, "3 Man Stomp". I can't even begin to cover everything there is to unpack on this album. Each track is jammed full of content and quotable lines. The boys have created another classic with this one. The Hell Hole Store is a place that I hope we all get to keep visiting for a long time." - Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2019 daily.bandcamp.com/2019/05/28/best-hip-hop-may-2019/ cassettegods.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-hell-hole-store-three-hard-way.html sampleface.co.uk/the-hell-hole-store-three-the-hard-way/

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Three, The Hard Way