Card Tricks For Dogs

"Darko's latest effort, appropriately titled Card Tricks For Dogs includes songs about breaking up with an imaginary girlfriend, Charleston, SC and being the self proclaimed "worst rapper in the world". The 13 song album includes features from Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, Torito, Height Keech, even MC Paul Barman! Darko's raps always make me laugh when I least expect it. His verses are a series of one liners that tickle every funny bone in my body as they lay over lo-fi beats that put me in the mind of Madlib." - Spoken Nerd "Card Tricks For Dogs is Darko the Super’s 257th album and it finds him wearing many hats, from indie rapper to R+B wordsmith to lounge singer to heartbroken crooner to standup comedian." - Charles Bridgers IV

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Card Tricks For Dogs