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Voice Artist

I'm a highly directable, Midwestern adult male with a warm, plainspoken, earnest, trustworthy, intelligent and friendly sound; I have a wide vocal range, from simple, direct and relatable to emotive, emphatic and flamboyant. Young or middle-aged. Baritone, tenor, falsetto, accents including British regional, German, Russian, and others; smart and down-to-earth guy next door for narration; goofy twangs and accents for commercials. Voice coached and trained via a decade or two of stage acting, and choral and small-group singing. I can play piano ... when I practice. I have my own home studio so I'm able to script, record, and EQ high-quality scratch tracks. (I taught myself HTML, a bit of JavaScript, and YouTube 'modest branding' to build video reel pages for me and some friends. ·············> Voice reel: https://MrKleanso.com/voicereel <·············

Project Roles
Artist, Content Producer, Copywriter, Creative Director, Director
Broadcast, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Directing, Producing
Branded Content, Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Radio, Commercials - Video, Sound Designs, Presentations
Project Industries
Voice Artist
Voice Artist
Voice Artist