Nuveen Interactive Timeline

Nuveen used to be heavy into municipal bond investing. Like, they were THE company that for a century following the industrial revolution helped finance America's prosperous growth boom. After that, Nuveen got into real estate and farmland investing and the name Nuveen does pair well with wine. Most recently, they were acquired by TIAA-CREF and became the pension funds' asset management arm. They rebranded into responsible investing. I wrote a lot of original content for them. For this one, I wrote, creative produced, and project managed an online interactive timeline that showcased the Nuveen / TIAA historical commitment to ESG (environmental, social, governance) and responsible investing. Performed the factual and visual research, collected the data, built the timeline map, wrote the copy, gathered images / artifacts, managed reviews / edits, and advised the webdev team. Design: Kristen Brady - WebDev: Alexey Bulychev

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Copywriter, Project Manager, Content Producer
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Project Management, Technical Writing, Brand Strategy, Content Writing
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Nuveen Interactive Timeline
Nuveen Interactive Timeline
Nuveen Interactive Timeline
Nuveen Interactive Timeline