Ecologi - Unlocking the opportunity for carbon offsetting

The Ask. Ecologi wanted to create a clear and compelling brand proposition which allowed them to gain trust which inspired action against climate change aigerim-kalysheva-1DQXS1RZIBQ-unsplash.jpg Key Insights. Eco shame > Eco status Attitudes towards sustainable consumption has reached a tipping point away from aspirational, and towards necessary. Less a cause for kudos when noticed; it’s become a matter of shame when absent and people are feeling the pressure to be 100% perfect, 100% of the time. A polluted conversation The category of carbon offsetting has come under fire. Complex debates and polarized views make it a confusing market with little differentiation perceived between product offerings. But to reach “net-zero emissions” we need to be physically removing carbon from the atmosphere – making offsetting one of the most power vehicles we have in the fight against climate change. markus-spiske-tyfI3RGqL7Y-unsplash.jpg The opportunity. The opportunity for Ecologi lied in unlocking the potential of carbon removal by tackling the stigma head on and providing a simple vehicle for everyone to support it. It’s about making people feel that it’s possible. That the challenge isn’t too big. That everyone taking small steps every day is what will stop our planet from burning. Snapshot of the brand. We worked with Ecologi to create brand positioning built on hope, progress, simplicity and transparency. A brand that reimagined the overwhelming task of beating climate change into small actionable steps that everyone can take to make a real difference.

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Ecologi - Unlocking the opportunity for carbon offsetting
Ecologi - Unlocking the opportunity for carbon offsetting
Ecologi - Unlocking the opportunity for carbon offsetting