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SHRM | "Better Workplace, Better World" Manifesto

In a powerful, inspiring manifesto, SHRM President, Johnny C. Taylor, explains how the organization exists to fight the injustices that exist within the workplace. As the lead copywriter, I wrote inspiring, elevated language that Johnny could uses to add force and energy around data-driven facts about how the workforce fails those who needs an organization like SHRM to stand up for them. In particular, the video highlights the inequalities faced by individuals who are BIPOC, veterans, former prisoners who have rightly served their sentences, and anyone with a disability. With a low-camera angle to establish his control and stature, Johnny delivers the manifesto in a clean, white room, while dressed in a tailored suit, to give the video a very direct nature. Spliced between, we added in stock footage to represent the people and places SHRM fights for. All-in-all, the video was a powerful statement that shifts the SHRM brand from more than a professional organization and to an active force in workplace advocacy.

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