Didn't Wake Up Like This

The Tata Mumbai Marathon is Asia's biggest marathon. We wanted its surrounding communication to be equally unique. In a segment that's rife with sports cliches and tired metaphors, the goal was simple: how could we make the marathon – a huge source of inspiration for the entire sporting community of India – stand out? When it comes to marathons, people like to focus on finishing. We wanted to do things differently. We wanted runners to not just celebrate the big highly instagrammable finish, but the journey and the effort. ​So we decided to borrow a popular phrase that asks people to be honest on social media: Didn't wake up like this. ​

Project Roles
Art Director, Copywriter
Dentsu Webchutney
Adobe Photoshop, Conceptual, Copywriting
Billboards, Social Media Content
Didn't Wake Up Like This
Didn't Wake Up Like This
Didn't Wake Up Like This