Persian Food Branding

I served as the Creative Director for this project and partnered with the brand's creators to deliver a naming and branding system that would give it longevity in the competitive food space. Baaz Bites was born in a home kitchen by a mother-son team with the goal of bringing the bold flavors of Persian food to modern consumers at local California farmers markets, and eventually, grocery stores across the country. The team had the foundation of their idea—a crispy rice cup topped with flavorful, vegetarian stews—and needed a name and branding system to bring their products to life. The goal of the naming process was to create the umbrella brand name as well as names for the unique products that would honor Persian heritage in an accessible way for the average consumer. The brand name “Baaz Bites” is rooted in traditional Persian bazaars. It is alliterative and easy to pronounce. The name expresses the size of the product and holds the uniquely “crispy” “Z” suffix. Since the product line is based on traditional Persian stews, the main ingredient in each is highlighted to accurately convey flavor and texture to consumers (Pom Baaz, ‘Shroom Baaz, and Bean Baaz). The Baaz Bites branding system is rooted in a tale of two tents; a story of structured heritage to capture the tradition and excitement of Persian bazaars. The resolved mark plays with the double “A” of the name, transforming them into tents to signify the origin story of this brand. The product transports the consumer to the bazaars of Iran through exotic flavors, while the monoline style hints at the trends of modern farmers markets. The mark is encased in a unique seal that is architecturally inspired, giving it strength and prominence.

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Creative Director, Designer
Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Design, Packaging Design, Visual Development
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Restaurant, Startups
Persian Food Branding