Yale CBEY Website

The Yale Center for Business and the Environment educates and inspires interdisciplinary leaders through business solutions to systemic environmental problems. Designed and built with the team at Constructive, we implemented a “mobile first” approach to ensure the user experience was streamlined. It was crucial that almost all content had multiple points of access while maintaining a refined presentation worthy of the University’s reputation. As the lead designer on this project, I was responsible for the strategy, UX, and UI of the website. The scrolling site experience combined with efficient primary and secondary navigations allow a variety of audiences to access important content without becoming overwhelmed. Color coded icons and full bleed masthead images help categorize content by areas of interest and break up the content-rich site. In order to expedite the development process, I created elements and rows of content blocks that could be “recycled” across page types. Implementing this process saved hours of development time, and its success is a testament to the strong communication and collaboration between design and development.

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Yale CBEY Website