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The Science of Sleep Interactive

Partnership:Scholastic and National Institute of General Science or NIGMS for short. I was the Digital Art Director for this project. I designed it from start to finish and worked with a creative director, copywriter, and developer. Watch to the end for the surprise. Objective: Build a content-rich and interactive program that teachers love to use with their students. Create a fun digital learning tool about the Science of Sleep and inspire kids for careers in biomedical science. I accomplished this by incorporating gamification and story-telling with a beginning, middle and end. I used the “Ken Burns” video effect for the beginning where it zooms in to the house, which is the scene for the action inside. Sound was added to enhance the experience. Watch to the end for the reward. I was the art director and designer for this project and I collaborated with a team including creative director, project manager, and developer. Click here: https://www.scholastic.com/pathways/sleep/index.html. This digital tool is part of bigger website that I helped to update. http://www.scholastic.com/pathways. The Final Report: The Science of Sleep interactive was one of the key performers of the Spring 2020 NIGMS campaign! The Science of Sleep interactive was incredibly successful with 64,404 clicks and 4,800 unique users, averaging about 13 clicks per user What Teachers Thought: 94% of teaches said they would us the Science of Sleep Digital Research Tool What Teachers Said: “The interactive digital tool. It was engaging, colorful, yet broken down in an easy way to understand. I can see students enjoying using that tool to learn.”Jessica, Grades 9–12, NY

Project Roles
Art Director, UX/IA Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Visual Development
App Design, Products - Digital, Web Apps
Project Industries
Media, Non-Profit
The Science of Sleep Interactive