no tricks. no games.

Logo design//development Overall, this is a straightforward approach to visually representing Triple Crown Performance. It’s an honest and somewhat literal interpretation of ‘triple crown’. But it’s done with wicked attention to detail, style and attitude. This treatment of merging the crown and number 3 transforms these two separate elements into one new and distinct symbol that is easy to understand and remember. The circle brings a completion, making this feel like it’s own entity or compact unit, like an object that can be used easily alone or with other designs. And lastly, accentuating and highlighting the idea of motion, the company name finishes the formal mark by outlining the circle.

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Art Director, Creative Director, Designer
Art Direction, Brand Management, Creative Research, Creative Strategy
Apparel, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Branding, Briefs, Logos, Social Media Content
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no tricks. no games.
no tricks. no games.
no tricks. no games.