Samsung 837, In-store Experience

Spanning across 96 60-inch displays, and towering 3 stories high, this experimental film ran in Samsung’s flagship store in Manhattan. The goal was to create a surreal world in which viewers wouldn’t know exactly what they were looking at. Using epic aerial photography, Timber augmented each scene adding a touch of intrigue. Role: Design, Animation, Compositing Studio: Timber Client: Samsung October 2016

Project Roles
Animator, Designer, Motion Designer, VFX Artist
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Art Direction, Cinema 4D, Compositing, Design, Experiential, Lighting, Modeling, NUKE, VFX
2D Animations, 3D Animations, Advertising, Billboards, Experimental Films, Film Editing, Video Installations, Window Displays
Project Industries
Advertising, Entertainment, Media, Retail, Technology